Monday, August 02, 2004

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Teacher Sex Sex picture

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Teacher Sex Sex story

#title "Lily Meets Rojo" by "Senor Rojo"

(inspired by a pic at a college student's site, of her elegantly wasted,
minidress in a hotel room...)

(Note: I was going to call this story"Lily Meets her Match" however as I
wrote more it became apparent that the opposite was true....)
COMDEX was such a bore. Sweaty, smelling of smoke in her little black
dress, Lily slogged into the elevator after a day of boozing & schmoozing
with fat, white software sales types. Her second day in San Francisco and

she felt like crap.

There was no one in the elevator except a nondescript white boy, about
her height, somewhat smaller because of her three inch stiletto high heels.
He looked as tired as she felt.

Juan Rojo gazed at the lithe, Chinese girl staring him down in the
elevator. Gad, she looked a mess. A very slinky, sexy mess. He admired
her curves, her pleasures hidden within the slightly wrinkled little black
dress, with the spiked heels, and the tired come hither look that always
got to him... even if she did smell like smoke.

"Hi...." She looked at him again, his somewhat red brown eyes burning a
hole in her. Feh, he looked like homeless, or one of the many 'arty types'
that she had seen wandering around in SF. Except for the silver ring on
his left hand.... Was he? Not that it mattered to her, but.....

"Hello...." Not bad for what first appeared to be a outcast refugee from
China town. She had that gaunt, hungry look that never failed to attract
him to the more unusual females of the species. What was she doing at
COMDEX? "So, what's a nice girl like you.."

"The same thing as you, probably. You know, I'm not that nice." Lily
flicked away a stray hair, sauntered up to him. Real close.

Rojo withdrew a bit, nervous in the confines of the elevator. What
would Missus Rojo say? Granted, she was jealous, possessive, and he loved
her, but she was on vacation in Japan... Of course, his Senora was as
oversexed as he was, and might be having too much fun as well--they did
just get married some months ago, & she did tell him about a tryst with an
old boy friend, 2 weeks into their marriage. Rojo was not by nature very
jealous, and the confession concluded with the wildest sex that the two had
ever had in their 3 years together.

It was Lily's turn to be surprised. He was spoken for. Damn. Even
the scruffy ones're spoken for in the US. She'd come to the trade show for
business, however, couldn't a girl have some fun? These Americans were
so uptight; about sex, about lots of things. Heheheh, maybe she could
have some fun with this one... an uptight married man. What would Eric

Well, he thought. This is a saucy one. "Didn't your mother ever tell
you that teasing married men could be hazardous to your health?" He did
admire her style tho'. She wasn't as snobby as most of the As-Am women he
knew, nor as vacuous as some of the Tokyo women he had picked up.
Normally, he gravitated towards the older Asian women, because they were
better in bed, and had less hangups. Of course, this exquisite creature
didn't look like she had many hangups....

The elevator stopped. "Well, this is my stop. Care to continue this

"Sure, I'm game....." and Rojo followed the lithe young girl down the

"So," she said, pushing him an the bed, straddling him, "maybe we should
dispense with the formalities."

"I told you that I am married. Happily married." His hands wandered
up and down the sides of her curvaceous body, seemingly in their wandering
wondering what to do next....

Lily's hands pressed into his chest pushing his shirt up, toying with
his hairy chest, her crotch rubbing and teasing his rapidly hardening tool

Rojo's hands drifted down, and then up, pushing on the little black
dress, to expose the blood red thong panties beneath.

"Allow me ...." Lily uncinched both sides of the thong at the same time,
surprising Rojo. It bunched up, forgotten by both as Lily increased the
tempo of her crotch on his rapidly swelling dick. Rojo could see her
perfectly trimmed pussy getting moist, her tits becoming hardening points.

"Well, now," Rojo crooned, sticking a finger in her honey pot, then in
his mouth, "Hmm... you don't taste too bad. In fact, I think you could be
quite a healthy repast."

Lily squealed as he threw her off, turning her over, his tongue darting
and teasing at her swelling clit. "Huh, hah.....ah! Your
really ..... quite..... lucky ....." Almost involuntarily did she start
tugging at the buttons of his 501s, fascinated by the white polkadot boxers
that were being tented by his trouser snake. She could feel Rojo's grin in
between her legs as she took all of him (what of him there was) down her

Juan had to admit, this little tart was quite a go-getter, though she
could not compare to the light of his life. "Your boyfriend as well....."
he said, looking for her g-spot, lapping at her love bud; grinning as her
panting and bucking told him that he had found it.

"Mmmf! Mmmmf!! Mmmmf!!! Lily screamed in ecstasy, her tight little
body convulsing; rocking Juan's rod to the core. Juan couldn't hold it
back any longer, soon Lily would be tasting him...

Lily fought for air as Juan's dick seemed to swell again in her throat.
Oh God, she thought, Eric has never done this to me... she could taste his
precum, licking the helmet caused him to shudder, and then the torrent
came... Salty spurts hit the roof of her mouth as he came, her fingers
pulling on the base of his tool, milking him dry.

Lily & Rojo fell asleep, totally exhausted.

(What were you expecting? Another 30 minutes of sex after doing a trade
show all the livelong day? (smirk)
End! (ala Cow & Chicken....)

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Teacher Sex Sex picture

Teacher Sex Sex picture

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Teacher Sex Sex story

Keywords: tg/f, public, oral, tg/ff, analAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Bringing Daddy's Work Home

As a gift to you loyal Marilyn fans at FictionMania, I present to you
the �lost� Marilyn. This story was cowritten with a good friend of
mine, Ebonerosgoddess, who doesn�t normally write within this genre.
(If you wish to check out her work, she posted at LitErotica at
literotica.) We met after I complemented her work.
As a result, she discovered my work, and we developed a relationship.
During May of this past year, we decided to collaborate on a work
together featuring our characters interacting together. The product
of this collaboration is below. (FYI: Timing wise, this story takes
place between �Marilyn and Kat� and �Marilyn�s a Working Girl.�) So,
without further ado, I welcome you to enjoy this story.

BRINGING DADDY�S WORK HOME By Brett Lynn and EbonErosGoddess

"Whew! I can't believe this shit."

Marilyn Walker, recent high school graduate, stared into the
reflection in the bathroom mirror and breathed deeply, thinking to
herself about her latest situation. Here, she was standing in the
bathroom of the office of some city bureaucrat whose name and title
escaped her at the moment. As she slicked her hair back nervously
with a free hand, she looked at the scene presented to her in the
mirror. She was dressed in a light pink business suit, with the
skirt coming down to a bit above her knees and her jacket hiding a
white lace bra bulging with flesh. She stood a bit unstably on her
short pink heels, nervous about the situation she was in, glancing
around the mirror in a futile attempt to find something to calm her
down. She bent down a bit to turn on the water, then bent down
further to splash some cold water on her face to relax.

Marilyn took one last deep breath, then said to herself under her
breath, "Here goes nothing."

She strode out, putting up a front of confidence as she walked up the
short hallway up to the office. She took note of the nameplate on
what she supposed was the secretary's desk. "Ah, Gerald Scott�that's
the guy I'm working for," Marilyn thought, making a mental note to
herself. She then knocked on the office door in front of her, trying
to keep herself steady on her feet. Then, a somewhat tall middle
aged Black man dressed in a business suit answered the door.

"Uh�I take it that you're Mr. Scott?"

"Yes," Mr. Scott answered. "I take it that you're the new secretary
that the temp agency sent over."


"The assignment is for two weeks while my regular secretary is out.
It shouldn't be too hard. I'm often on the phone or holding meetings
in or out the office. The instructions for the phone are written
down next to it. Everything else should be pretty much self
explanatory. Got it?"


"Can I have your sheet from the agency? Thanks. Oh, and I'll be
either in meetings or conference calls all morning, so just take
messages of everything. My people for the meeting should be coming
around 10, so let me know when they get here. Um�By the way, if a Ms.
Reyes calls, make sure to take the message. She's a very important,
um, business contact of mine."

Noticing the hesitation in Mr. Scott's voice, Marilyn wondered if
this 'business contact' was a mistress of some kind. However, not
wanting to rock the boat on a temp job, she barely chirped out "OK."
As Mr. Scott turned away from the door and closed it behind her, she
turned to her new desk. It was simply appointed, with the requisite
computer, phone, appointment book and photos of the regular
secretary's family. She sat down in the chair, and also leaned back
to put her feet up when she realized that not only was she not home,
anyone with the right angle could see her secret. Calming down from
the minor crisis, she sat up to search the computer for Solitaire.

The morning seemed to drone on. Apparently, from what Marilyn
gathered from the phone calls, her new boss was someone in middle
management, making a living on dealing with bureaucratic bullshit and
making sweetheart deals for himself and interested parties who wanted
to work with the city. Her boss' scheduled appointment arrived on
time, and getting Mr. Scott's attention on their arrival seemed
simple enough. "This job is complete bullshit," Marilyn thought to
herself. "And I'm getting paid 13 bucks an hour for this? No wonder
taxes are so high around here."

She went back to her Solitaire game on her computer, where she seemed
to be getting housed, when the thud of the closing door got her
attention. Directly in front of her, walking down the hallway, stood
a delicious looking creature dressed in the accoutrements of summer.
Her shoulder length hair was pulled up in a ponytail, with
sunglasses draped of it. Her white wifebeater revealed a tight
figure, with average sized tits that seemed to float on her chest.
The daisy dukes she was wearing, while maybe a bit too conservative
for a Luke dancer, was short and tight enough to show off her hips
and hint at a curvy ass. "Mmm, she has a nice body," Marilyn thought
to herself. "Maybe that's the Ms. Reyes that Mr. Scott was talking
about. And she look like she my age too? You go boy!"

"Hi! How's it going? Are you the new secretary?"

The comment broke Marilyn out of her carnal thoughts, and she
responded "Oh, yeah. I'm the new secretary while the regular one's on
vacation. The name's Marilyn. And you are?" She punctuated this last
comment by extending her hand.

"Oh, I'm Kamesha, Mr. Scott's daughter. I swung by his office hoping
he might be available to go out to lunch," the girl responded,
shaking Marilyn's hand.

"Well, he's gonna be in a meeting for the next halfhour. However,
according to his sched, he's free for lunch. Wanna wait?"

"Sure! Besides, I got nothing to do. Lemme chill up on this couch."

Marilyn pulled her chair out from behind the desk so she could get a
better look at the couch. She saw Kamesha sprawled out on the couch
and saw how delicious her pretty face, smooth skin and tight body
looked. The sight of her reminded Marilyn of the line from a Li'l
Kim song that just popped in her head, "Girl I'll do things to you,
Vanessa Del Rio be ashamed to do!"

"So Kamesha, um, how old are ya? And what are you doing with

"Well, I'm 18, and chilling right now, enjoying a summer of freedom
before college starts up. What about you?"

"Oh, I'm working this summer. I need the cash, for school and for
other reasons."

"I feel ya, I feel ya. I'm heading to City U in the fall. Where are
ya heading?"

"Oh, Jersey State. Heard of it?"


"So what brings you here for lunch with your pops? It isn't exactly
normal for girls to randomly visit their pops like this you know?"

"Well, I'm just trying to be close to my dad, you know? I mean,
recently, we had some probs, especially with all his quality time
with his 'business contact', if you get my drift."

"Oh, so my first thought was right�"

"Yes, that's his mistress. I see he told you about her. Well,
recently, I caught him with her in a setup. After I caught them,
things got a bit, well, interesting. Lemme put it to ya like
this�kids ain't supposed to know their parents like that, you know?
Anyway, after a few days, we've been working on our relationship and
stuff. So I decided to swing by here and maybe chill with dear ol'
dad. Hey, you mentioned some other reasons for working here. Care
to talk about them while we're waiting?"

"Sure. Who cares. After all, I'm just a temp. I'm outtie in 2 weeks
anyway. Well, I'm saving up some loot for my baby mamma and our soon
tobe born child. I fucked around and got her pregnant. Well, I
didn't exactly fuck around, since that's what she wanted anyway. It
just sucks that her parents had to send her over to her fam in Japan
for her to give birth. A nigga should be able to see his firstborn
born, you know?" Marilyn stopped when she noticed the shock on
Kamesha's face. She got up out of her chair and closed the distance
between them with a couple steps.

"Do you mean, like adoption?" Kamesha answered, her mind still
reeling from what was just said. "I mean, I know lesbian couples can
adopt and�"

"No," Marilyn said, cutting Kamesha off. She then bent down to
whisper in Kamesha's ear. "I. Have. A. Penis. Though, I don't want
that fact being put on blast in certain parts of my life, and
especially at work." Recognizing the pure shock that remained on
Kamesha's face, she continued. "Look, your dad won't be out for a
while. Why don't I take you to the bathroom and show you what I

Still in shock as to what her dad's new secretary just said, Kamesha
allowed herself to be limply pulled up from the couch onto her feet.
She followed the largely built secretary into the side hallway and
into the bathroom, checking out the curves of her ass and her hips.
"Damn, she's a big girl," Kamesha thought to herself. "She must be
well over six feet, even without the heels. Maybe she's right? But no
guy has skin that soft, and those transsexuals I see don't have an
ass like that. But she does have those wide shoulders. But�"

"Are you ready to see me babe?"

Marilyn's comment brought Kamesha out of her reverie. She realized
that she was sitting on the toilet seat of the bathroom, and that
Marilyn had her fingers pulling on the buttons of her suit jacket,
pulling them apart. "OK, first, lemme show you my boobs, just so you
know that I'm not some crossdresser. This is real life for me."
With that, Marilyn pulled open her jacket, revealing that lacy bra
bulging with flesh, her dark nipples showing through the opacity of
the bra.

"Damn, you have some tig ol' biddies. But you gotta be a lesbian. I
mean, if you aren't comfortable with that, that's fine. You know
that I'm a bit bi�"

"Shh. Now tell me something, my dear," Marilyn said she pulled her
skirt up with her right hand. "Since you just said yourself that
you're bi, you should know what a woman has, right?" As she finished
her sentence, the hem of Marilyn's skirt cleared her panties.

"Yeah�I'd suppose so."

"Well, my dear," Marilyn continued as she pressed her left hand to
her left breast and pushed it all the way down her front until it
reached her crotch. She rubbed her hand back and forth against her
crotch as she spread her legs slightly. "Do you know any lesbians
with a piece of equipment like�this?"

Kamesha's eyes opened wide at the sight in front of her, and both
sets of her lips juiced in lust. Dangling between what was for all
intents and purposes a female was a dick. And not an ordinary dick.
Even though it appeared to only be semihard, it was the biggest
dick she'd ever seen in the flesh. Her breath began to quicken, her
heart began to beat fast and her nipples began to harden and rub
against the rough textured wifebeater. She felt Marilyn's lips peck
against her forehead, then heard her almost breathe into her ear,
"well, you're more than welcome to touch it. Go ahead."

Marilyn drew her new friend's hand forward and up against the tip of
her dick. She almost used her hand as her own toy, gently guiding it
all over. She guided the hand all over her tip, all around the silky,
veiny shaft, then around her base, and finally let her hairless balls
weigh themselves into Kamesha's hand. When she let go, she left her
gently caress her sac, giving her pause to try to calm down.
Painfully, she pulled Kamesha's hand off of her, then reached her own
hands forward to play with Kamesha's nipples.

"You know, I don't have time to really get off at work. Plus, I
doubt that you could handle all my�special, attributes," Marilyn
whispered in her ear as she rubbed on Kamesha's nipples through her
shirt. "However, since I know you're horny right now, I think I can
provide some relief. Would you want that, my dear?"

"Oooooo�yes," Kamesha bit her lip and wondered what her answer should
be. Here she was with some strange hybrid of extreme femininity and
by the looks of what was in her face, extreme manhood. She only came
to her father's office to see if the other part of her blackmail plan
was going to work. The free apartment, the free car, or whatever she
could negotiate for. Even though she had Gerald over a barrel, she
knew he wouldn't just give in so easily.

She never expected to meet a girl like Marilyn. She was easily six
two, maybe even more. She was a big girl, thick but well toned, huge
breasts, just all woman. She was a little intimidating. Kamesha kept
thinking, "Maybe she's like some exotic model or something�" as she
saw the beautiful Marilyn behind the usual secretary's desk.
Immediately she knew it must be a temp or something, but she couldn't
help wondering if this girl was some sort of mistress in training for
Gerald. She couldn't believe how cool she and Marilyn got just
talking, and how delayed her little meeting with her father would
get, and she definitely didn't believe everything she was hearing
now, or what she was touching, or even what she was feeling right
now. It seemed like the best of both worlds.

She felt her pussy tingle as she grabbed Marilyn's huge cock, "Yeah
well I'm sure� something can be arranged�" She bit her bottom lip and
looked up at her with her big brown eyes.

Kamesha couldn't believe she could be turned on at a time like this,
when she should be running out of this bathroom stall like any other
girl would. But Kamesha was very understanding, and as of now, very
sexual. This whole bizarre situation was so erotic to her.

Marilyn smiled and got down on her knees. She began to lift Kamesha's
tight tshirt. She exposed the firm caramel breasts with the mocha
colored areolas and hard thick nipples. She began rubbing them with
her big soft hands and began to kiss Kamesha's lips softly. Kamesha
breathed a deep sigh and reached for one of Marilyn's breasts to
fondle and thumb the nipples. "Damn, this is real�these are the
biggest real tits I've ever seen and touched up close�" Kamesha said,
leaning in more to kiss Marilyn more passionately. Their tongues
played with each other and Kamesha couldn't believe the thrill that
she felt by just kissing her. It felt so good. By now she knew her
clit was hard and swollen, itching to be touched somehow and someway.

Marilyn bent down and gently licked one of Kamesha's nipples. Kamesha
threw back her head and gritted her teeth. She knew that she couldn't
make much noise in this bathroom. The wet warmness of Marilyn's
tongue and the coolness of her saliva drying on her sensitive skin
sent a jolt to her pussy. Marilyn moved over to the next breast,
while fondling the other one. She licked and kissed and nipped with
her teeth, she alternated between breasts, doing this slowly and
methodically, as if she tried to set ablaze the fire that was slowly
kindling inside of this girl. Marilyn then began to suck Kamesha's
breasts, first gently, making suckling sounds and moaning, then
harder. The roughness was a turn on. Kamesha reached down and grabbed
Marilyn's big black dick, stroking it and grabbing it, feeling it get
harder and become more alive in her hand. Marilyn responded to the
attentions grunting into her breast and sucking harder. Kamesha found
herself very close to cumming.

Suddenly Marilyn lifted her head up and sat back, just watching
Kamesha jerk her big dick with her little hands. Kamesha saw the
sight of hard chocolate nipples and a hard dick on a soft sensual
body and she licked her lips, nearly salivating with lust. Marilyn
leaned in close to Kamesha's ear and licked it, then she whispered,
"Yeah baby, jerk this big cock�" The words and the whisper sent
another tingle to Kamesha's pussy. She watched the huge tip engorge
with blood, and the veins become more pronounced as she jerked and
rubbed the huge cock. Suddenly Marilyn said, "Really we'll have time
for this later."

She grabbed Kamesha's hand and pulled it away. "Pull down your
shorts." Kamesha smiled and obliged. Luckily she wore no panties that
day, in an attempt to drive her father crazy during her meeting with
him. Marilyn smiled as she saw the shaved brown puffy lips, and the
clit poking out between. "Umm�looks like you need some attention down
there�" Marilyn purred as she reached between Kamesha's legs and
began to rub her lips. Kamesha hissed as Marilyn rubbed, feeling the
wetness began to emerge seeping from her lips. "Sit back down." She
ordered Kamesha, and the orders were followed. She stuck two fingers
inside of Kamesha and she gave a little gasp. She began pumping
slowly inside and out feeling the syrupy hot wetness on her long
fingers. She pulled her fingers outside of her pussy and began to
lick off the wetness sensually.

"This is just a taste test Kamesha." Marilyn smiled, offering Kamesha
the same wet fingers. Kamesha sucked the wetness off and tasted
remnants of herself. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply looking
into Marilyn's eyes. "This guy, I mean girl, I mean� Marilyn is so
fucking sexy�" Kamesha thought.

Marilyn slid her hands up Kamesha's thighs and rubbed her hips. Then
she parted her legs and flipped her own hair, so it wouldn't get in
the way of what she was about to do next.

Kamesha could've came right there as Marilyn's tongue lapped at her
pussy lips. She sucked on one then the other, pulling and nibbling on
them, driving the girl mad. Kamesha began to pant fast as if she were
hyperventilating, She threw her head back and held on to the walls of
the stall on either side of her. Her toes curled inside of her
sneakers as Marilyn began to dig inside of her with her tongue.

"Oh shit�yeah�just like that baby�yeah�" Kamesha moaned.

Marilyn looked up at the girl's contorted face and grunted, thinking
to herself, "women were so sexy to her when they were on the verge of
an orgasm. Mmmm." She held back Kamesha's lips with fingers of both
hands and started to lick at her clit.

"Ohh shit�damn Marilyn�," Kamesha whined like a child being punished.

Marilyn licked around her clit, flicking the tip, and then covering
the whole thing with her mouth, letting saliva and her tongue and
lips gently massage the delicious pink pearl. Marilyn began to stab
at Kamesha's clit with her tongue, going faster and faster, feeling
Kamesha's body tense up in that familiar fashion.

"God damn, I'm cuming," Kamesha whispered huskily.

Marilyn just kept licking faster, and faster working that clit until
Kamesha exploded violently inside of her mouth. Marilyn still didn't
stop, tasting the sweet sticky cum, dripping down her throat.
Kamesha's eyes rolled up in side of her head and she banged on
the walls of the stall in desperation. She was cumming hard, over and
over again. She finally cried out for Marilyn to stop, grabbing her
head and pulling her away. Marilyn looked up with a come stained
mouth and neck and kissed Kamesha again. Kamesha tasted all of
herself on Marilyn's lips and tongue.

"Umm�Damn Marilyn�" Was all Kamesha could manage to get out.

Marilyn stood up and began to straighten herself up, "When can we
continue this?"

Kamesha smiled.

Kamesha left the office immediately after that encounter, she wasn't
in the mood to deal with her father, she just wanted to get home to
call Asia and tell her what happened. Asia was always joking about
how Kamesha was a prude, and how inexperienced she was. But Kamesha
knew Asia's ideas about her would change after she heard this story.

Kamesha approached the walkway of her house and saw Asia's car parked
near. She went inside and saw Asia lounging on the couch having tea
with her mother. "I'm glad you're here A. I was just about to call
you�" Kamesha looked around, "Its like 90 degrees outside, what are
you two doing drinking hot ass tea?" Kamesha's mother laughed,
"That's a nice way to say hi when your mother's finally home."

Kamesha went over and kissed her mother on the cheek, "Sorry ma, I'm
glad you're here. I'll annoy you in a minute, I just gotta tell Asia
something�" She grabbed Asia's hand and pulled her off the couch.
They bounded upstairs to Kamesha's room. Asia flopped down on
Kamesha's bed as Kamesha closed the door. "I was waiting for you
anyway," Asia said, "You know we haven't done any training for a
minute, and its really time that we�"

"Asia I don't want to talk about cheering or working out�" Kamesha
sat down next to Asia and pulled on her ponytail playfully.

"So what is it then�" Asia got a sly smile on her face, "You want to
just play?" Asia said rubbing on Kamesha's thighs.

"Not now," Kamesha said. "Is that all you think about? I mean you got
a boyfriend who you haven't worn out yet, you should be satisfied�"

Suddenly Asia stopped, she looked into Kamesha's eyes.

"What?" Kamesha said.

Asia began to sniff the girl, making Kamesha giggle, "What the hell

Asia smiled, "I smell perfume�you don't wear this�and I smell�," Asia
smirked and looked at Kamesha again, "I know what your cum smells

"Damn it's like that!" Kamesha said.

"No, nobody else can tell, but I know�my sense of smell is
sensitive�especially when I'm horny�"

"Asia�you are too much."

"Who did you fuck? Who?" Asia asked.

"You'll never believe this shit Asia," Kamesha said.

At Gerald's office, Marilyn spent time taking calls and writing down
messages. She couldn't help thinking about Gerald's sexy daughter and
the sliver of paper in her purse with Kamesha's cell phone number on
it. She couldn't wait until they got together later that night. As
Gerald left and entered his office, she couldn't help but notice the
stares that he gave her. "I really hope he doesn't try anything�I
don't want to have to hurt him." Marilyn shuddered. She wasn't into
guys at all, but she knew what she wanted to get into.

She thought about the way Kamesha's lovely face contorted when she
was being pleasured, and the way her soft little hands stroked his
dick. She saw the thrill and innocence on her face at what was
unfolding before her eyes. She had her figured out already right
after looking at her. She knew she was sweet and sexy, and she seemed
innocent enough which made Marilyn really wonder what the girl meant
when she said to her, "�kids ain't supposed to know their parents
like that, you know?"

"She must be a freak then�," Marilyn said to herself smiling. "This
is gonna be good�" She looked at Gerald as he strutted around the
office, smug and pretentious. If only he knew what Marilyn was gonna
do to his daughter that night.

"You're serious aren't you?" Asia asked her again after hearing the
whole story.

"Yeah I am�" Kamesha grinned.

"First you fuck your father, losing your virginity to him no less,
giving him the first blowjob you ever gave ANYONE, also fucking his
own mistress, while fucking me on video�now this? A transsexual?
You're really really getting out of control�"

"She's not any ordinary trannie Asia�," Kamesha explained, "Trust

"You're just getting too freaky for your own good, maybe your
father's right, maybe I am a bad influence, Asia joked.

"A. you just gotta see it to believe it�"

"Well maybe I want to see it after all�," Asia gave her friend a
sideways glance.

"Good, I was counting on that�tonight you will�"

"Damn, only 4:30," Marilyn thought to herself as she was waiting out
the clock for the rest of the day. "Damn, I wanna fuck this chick.
Since my girl's parents freaked out and sent her clear out the
country, I've only gotten some a few times from good ol' sis." She
finished her thought out loud, "Hmm�maybe I'll give Shari a quick
ring." She picked up the phone and dialed in her home number. Sure
enough, Shari was on the other end of the line.

"Yo, wassup sis?"

"Mmm..hi Marilyn. How's the first day with the job? Oooo�"

"Pretty decent. Actually ran into a bit of a surprise at work today,
which is why I'm hitting you up�You're fucking yourself with that hot
pink dildo of yours, right?"

"Mmmhmmm my BIG sister. Hehehe. Just trying to take care of my needs
you know? What's up?"

"Well, to make a long story short, I fooled around with my new boss'


"Don't worry, she's chill with my situation. And I mean chill�"

"Mmm�you trying to make it hard to wash the smell out the bedroom
sheets, aintcha? So you're implying�"

"Ya got it. And I wanna drag you along. Come out with me my dear
sister, and let's�bond."

"You know what? I can't Marilyn. I got this date with this cat who's
almost as big as you, but can fuck my pussy�stretch it nice and

"..Like I stretch your ass. No biggie. I know your pussy has needs
too, and I ain't about to get on some straight out the trailer park
bullshit if you get my drift. Enjoy your evening! Oh, and one thing


"Before I get off the phone, I wanna hear you shove that really big
dildo of yours down your throat while you get off, OK?"

"One sec, sis, lemme get it�.mmmm. slurpmmmhh�mmhmmmm�mmmMMMMMMM�"

"Bye Shari. Hehehehe."


Marilyn walked up the front step of the brownstone, shielding her
eyes from the glare of the setting sun. With face now clear of make
up, she looked to all who could see like the woman who just got off
work she was trying to be. She made a quick glance at the address
number over the door, then pressed the bell for the place. "Well,
here goes nothing," she muttered to herself as she heard footsteps
padding towards the door.

"Who is it?"

"Uh, it's me, Marilyn. I'm supposed to be here to meet Kamesha."

On that answer, the door swung open to reveal the presence of
Kamesha. Save for the fact that she had no shoes on her feet, she
looked exactly like she did when they first met up this morning.
"There you are. I've been waiting for you to show up. I really wanna
show you off to my friend. She doesn't half believe you exist."

"And don't half blame her either. I'm not exactly something off the
Cosby show. Sorry for not recognizing your voice, though. I would
have recognized your moans though," Marilyn shot back with a wink.

"Like this�ooo..oooh..Oooh! I know you miss that!"

"OK, OK, enough with the intro. Can I get in so I can take off my
shoes? I'm not a heels kind of person."

"Sure, come on in."

Marilyn took her shoes off, almost taking off her suit jacket, but
deciding against it when she realized the situation at hand. On
silent cue, she followed her boss' daughter up the stairs and into
the first bedroom off to the left. When she opened the door, she saw
a girl built similar to Kamesha but lighter sitting on the bed,
looking at the door in anticipation.

"Ain't no way this could be the person you were talking about. I
mean, she's tall and all, but I don't believe this shit."

"Don't sweat it girl!" Kamesha replied as she closed the door behind
them. "I wouldn't have brought her here if she wasn't for real."

"Hey, stop treating me like a sex object," Marilyn said arcastically.
"But seriously, aren't you gonna introduce me to the delicious little
caramel thang on the bed? I just want to eat you up hun."

"Enough with the jokes. The name's Asia, and I don't believe what
Kamesha said about you. This isn't Jerry Springer or anything."

"Uh, I'm not from a trailer park, just The Bronx. And just what did
you tell our friend Asia about me, Kamesha?"


"You told her about my�certain way of introducing myself to pretty
girl like you two, huh? Or maybe, you just told her about this�"

As she said that, Marilyn unceremoniously reached behind her and
unzipped the back of her skirt. Then, she roughly pulled her skirt
and panties down in one motion, letting drop to the floor once they
reached her knees. After that, she stepped out of her skirt, edging
slightly closer to Asia, which her limp dick swinging free. Her 7 �
inch long and thick dick hung loosely from her body, twitching
slightly with her pulse. Asia's eyes opened wide, and her mouth
dropped open from the sight in front of her. She suddenly started
breathing heavily and raggedly, hugging herself tightly to Kamesha,
who just joined her on the bed.

"Oh�My�God�," Asia finally blurted out through her drooling mouth.
"That HAS to be�the biggest dick I've ever seen." After Asia gathered
herself, she said a bit more calmly to her friend, "you weren't
lying, weren't you?"

"Told ya so."

"I mean, damn! He, er, she, er, it is almost as big as your father
hard, and it's just hanging there."

"Um, the pronoun of choice is she," Marilyn replied as she took off
her suit jacket, showing off her large bosom. "You can touch it if
you like."

Asia barely let Marilyn finish her sentence when she wrapped her hand
around as much of Marilyn's shaft as possible, grabbing it, and began
to nuzzle on her dick. She rubbed her face along the slowly hardening
staff, placing a series of soft kisses down the shaft, until she
reached the tip. There, she kissed with a bit more passion, flicking
her tongue slightly against the flaring tip. "Hey, Kamesha, you
didn't get to taste this, right?" Asia called out as she pried her
lips away from the large dick.

"Uhuh babe," Kamesha replied as she idly played with her nipples.
She stopped her stimulation to get down on the floor next to Asia,
then turned to her and said, "shall we,


Asia and Kamesha started kissing and licking along the growing shaft,
brushing their lips along the warm flesh. They slowly teased their
way up Marilyn's dick, leaving her heaving and clutching at her
breasts through her bra. As Marilyn teased her nipples through the
soft lace, the two licked their way to the tip.

"Oh, yeah, suck it girls�mmm, make me wet enough to shove it up those
tight little pussies.."

Asia and Kamesha let their tongues wrestle with each other as they
licked around Marilyn's tip, stimulating it beyond reason. As they
kept licking, their lips began to press against each other. Caught up
in the moment, Asia reached up, grabbed the back of Kamesha's head
and pressed her into a wet, sloppy kiss with a dick in between them.
As they progressed, Asia slipped the dick out from between them and
slipped her hand inside Kamesha's shorts as they kissed.
Instinctively, they broke the kiss and went back to their oral
ministrations as Asia slowly tweaked Kamesha's clit. As Asia began
to kiss the tip, slowly opening her mouth to let the tip slip in,
Kamesha licked her way down the fully hard shaft to suck on Marilyn's

As she left her friend do her work at the base, Asia decided to try
to throat the dick in front of her in raw lust. With one hand now
down her own shorts as well as her friend's, she took a deep breath
and tried to slide a few inches in her mouth. While she heard Marilyn
coo in pleasure, her jaw was in pain from the invader. Her lust
quickly overcame that, though, and she tried to suck deeper on that
huge dick in front of her. Suddenly, Asia's gag reflex triggered,
forcing her to reflexively jump back from both Marilyn and Kamesha.

"You OK, A?" Kamesha asked noticing her friend laid back in front of
her. "That was a bold stunt you tried to pull there."

Marilyn looked down haughtily at the two below her, taking the time
to pull her nipples out the cups and to continue to tweak her
nipples. "You can see that I'm big," Marilyn said arrogantly. "You
knew you couldn't handle all this. Heck, it took my current girl
months to take all that in her mouth. Hmmm�my dick is nice and slick.
Any of you girls wanna ride?"

Asia could only whimper in lust in response.

"Well, Kamesha, since you seem more coherent, and I did promise you a
chance to fuck me, you can go first," said Marilyn as she stripped
off her frontclosing bra. She then jumped on the bed, laid back and
called Kamesha up. Asia climbed up next to the two, sitting back on
her knees next to Marilyn's head, caressing her slit in anticipation
of what was going to happen.

"OK, here's what I want you two to do," Marilyn commanded with a
whisper. "I want you, Kamesha to kneel with your pussy over my tip.
Be gentle about it too�I don't want to hurt you or anything. And you,
um, whatever your name is, get over me and lube up my dick with your
tongue as she eases her way down, OK?"

Both Asia and Kamesha moaned their assent as they go into position
Marilyn's body, shucking off the rest of their clothes in the
process. Kamesha replaced the hand hold up the dick with her own and
slowly eased her slick pussy down over Marilyn's tip, causing
her to moan unconsciously. Asia tossed her hair to one side, then
began to lick all around the dick throbbing into Kamesha, lubing it
up as well as tasting some of the copious juices dripping down the

"Mmm�that feels so nice and tight," whispered Marilyn. "Now ease�"
She punctuated this by suddenly giving Asia's pussy a long, sloppy
lick. "�your way�." She repeated the lick again, this time pushing
deeper into the juicy slit. "�down�" She decided to box around Asia's
clit with her tongue, toying with the joy button. "�my..shaft!"

By the time Marilyn had finished her sentence, the two girls were
delirious with pleasure, already close to orgasm. Kamesha had her
dick about the third of the way inside of her, where it was so thick,
her clit brushed against the shaft as she bobbed her way down the
spitslickened shaft. Her fingers were wrapped around Asia's ponytail
as Asia licked all around Marilyn's shaft and her sweet lips. Her
sugar walls were pulsating, never been stretched so far in her life.
As she felt herself easing down another inch, feeling the shaft
rub against clit as she slid down, she instinctively reached for her
breast tugging on it as she felt her orgasm about to explode inside
of her.

"Oh God�Oh�Oh...Oh yeah�'bout to cum�on that COCK�OOOOOOOOHH!!!"

"Mmm�damn K," Asia panted out. "It ain't even half inside of you and
you're cuming. Mmm..I can't wait for my turn."

"Hey, let me get a few pumps inside of her," Marilyn said from Asia.
"You don't realize how hard it is not to cum with a tight, wet pussy
milking your dick. But don't worry. I think I can hold off long
enough to treat ya both before cu�"

"Enough talking," Asia commanded as she ground her pussy right into
Marilyn's face. "If you're gonna use that tongue, use it to get me
wet enough to take that huge dick of yours." She then ground her
shaved slit on Marilyn's face, getting herself aroused on Marilyn's
lips as she kept licking along Marilyn's dick. She felt herself being
titilated by Marilyn's quick moving tongue, feeling it stab all over
her pussy, licking and moving quickly, feeling it take up her now
copious juices. As she noticed that the amount of shaft remaining
outside of Kamesha's pussy was diminishing rapidly, she allowed
herself to sit back on Marilyn's face, pulling up one of her nipples
to suck on as she felt herself about to cum from Marilyn's tongue.

"Oooh yeah, you trannie slut, suck on that..Oh FUCK YEAH�AAHHH�"

As Asia let the waves of pleasure flow over her, soaking Marilyn's
face with her sweet girlcum, Kamesha felt that same time rise over
her, driving her insane. As she finally felt the full length of her
dick stroke inside her fast, her felt a wave of miniorgasms
course over her, driving her insane with lust as the dick pumped
inside of her. As she felt her hips being pulled back and forth over
the dick, the stretching of her pussy, the rubbing of her gspot and
the rubbing of her clit by the shaft had built her up to an
incredible orgasm. Kamesha arched her back as she felt her orgasm
explode like a nuclear bomb inside of her, her hips driving Marilyn's
dick in and out of her wildly. She pulled and held onto her nipple
like she was holding on for dear life, her pussy quaking as it had a
mind of its own.

She lost her voice, rendered unable to talk as the orgasm coursed
through her veins, shutting down everything else She was so limp as
she kept cuming that she ended up falling forward, bracing herself by
wrpping her arms around Asia. She kissed her friend hard as she
slowly began to come down from her cum, her fluids from her pussy now
lubing the dick up enough for her to slow down her thrusts. She let
her mouth be invaded by Asia's tongue, moaning into her mouth as Asia
held onto her hair. Slowly, but surely, she finally came down from
the best cum of her life. She pulled all the way of Marilyn's dick,
then dropped off to one side, her knees still weak from the orgasm.

"That was�incredible�unreal�oh felt so good A�ooh.," moaned out
Kamesha as she wandered in and out of consciousness.

"Mmm, that good K, huh?" Asia said as she got herself off of
Marilyn's face. She took the time to give Marilyn's cum and spit
slick dick a few strokes, marveling at its size.

"So you haven't cum yet, huh there? Well, now it's my turn."

Kamesha watched in a daze as Asia straddled Marilyn backwards. She
saw Marilyn lick her lips as the light skinned girl's shapely ass
cheeks bounced slightly when she squatted over Marilyn's huge dick.
She couldn't believe that this was happening. She inched her way up
to Marilyn and began playing with her large breasts. "Did I tell you
that I love these things?" Kamesha joked as she heard Asia hiss.

"Damn�," Asia exclaimed as the first few inches of Marilyn's thick
cock stretched her pussy lips tightly over it. She held onto the
front of Marilyn's thighs and slid down some more slowly, shivering
and leaking before she even filled up to the hilt.

"Now look who's cuming already�" Kamesha teased as she flicked
Marilyn's chocolate nipple.

Marilyn closed her eyes and played with her other breast as the girl
continued to lower herself on her dick. "God, you feel so good�"
Marilyn bit her lip. Kamesha took Marilyn's hand and guided it to her
own throbbing pussy. Marilyn smirked as she rubbed Kamesha's pussy
lips. "I didn't hurt it too bad did I?" Kamesha didn't answer but was
transfixed on the sight of Asia's thick cappucino colored ass
squatting on top of Marilyn.

She watched the pussy lips stretch to the max as she pulled herself
upwards and then dropped back down again. Her pink hard clit kept
brushing up against the shaft as she fucked Marilyn, and she closed
her eyes and hissed at the sensation. Asia was gritting her teeth and
biting her lips as she slowly slid up the dick and then bounced hard
back down on it. "Uggh�," Asia groaned as she banged her g spot
against the hard tip while her clit rubbed against the slick thick
wet shaft.

Marilyn oohed as she watched Asia's heart shaped ass and thick pussy
lips wrapped around her cock. "Damn, you must be a pro�," Marilyn
panted as Asia worked her inner muscles over the huge dick, while
still methodically rising and dropping making the bed bounce up and
down in a slow rhythm.

"Yeah, make her cum Asia�," Kamesha encouraged while watching
intently. Marilyn stopped playing with Kamesha's pussy and could only
concentrate on the thick yet petite girl that was working her dick
like a pro. She watched her luscious ass bounce up and down on the
bed and over her dick. Her back arched as she dug into her thighs
with her fingernails. The girl grunted animalistically as she grinded
and rolled her pelvis like she was riding a bull.

Marilyn cursed as the tight pussy milked her huge cock, she grabbed
onto Asia's hips, pulling her as close as she could to her while she
rode her wildly. The bed began to shake faster as the sound of
smacking skin and curses and grunts filled the room. Kamesha
watched Marilyn's tits bounce up and down as she dug inside of her
own pussy. She couldn't believe the whole erotic scene.

"Fuck me�fuck me with your big ass dick," Asia groaned.

The words were like adding gasoline to a flame. Marilyn grabbed the
girl's hips and thrusted upwards into the tight pink pussy. It was
warm and tight and moved fast on her big dick. The sight of Asia on
top of her thoroughly enjoying herself was so arousing. She wanted to
fuck the shit out of her. She was lasting much longer than her
friend. This was the true freak.

"Cum you fucking big dicked bitch!" Asia yelled. "Cum now!" Asia said
hardly able to control her own body as she felt the beginning of the
familiar shivers.

"I can tell, she's about to lose it�," Kamesha said pinching
Marilyn's hard nipples.

"Umm�oh shit�god damn�," Marilyn yelled as the girl's pussy began
tightening even more, choking her big cock.

"Yes�yes�shit�damn�," Asia yelled loudly as her body tensed up and
was wracked with waves of heavenly pleasure. Her body spasmed over
and over again as she lost complete control. Her pussy leaked over
Marilyn, tightening like a vice.

"Ahh�I'm gonna fucking cum�," Marilyn hissed grabbing tightly to her
breasts and shutting her eyes tight. Her pelvis arched forward and
she let her big dick bust off inside of this girl she hadn't met more
than twenty mintues ago. Asia came down from her orgasm and moved off
of Marilyn's cock, then she leaned in front of him and grabbed it
pumping Marilyn as she continued to cum, the white sticky liquid
pumping out of her big mushroom tip. Marilyn's body shook and
shivered, as her big dick slowly pumped out hot sticky cum. It
drizzled and overflowed on to Asia's fingers, as she jerked her dick.

"Umm�look at that cum�look at that sticky white cum," Asia almost
whispered as she licked it off of her hands and fingers.

Kamesha was so aroused by the whole thing that her pussy was on fire.
She squatted over Marilyn's chest and rubbed her pussy all over her
big tips and hard nipples. Marilyn sighed, as she felt the soft wet
pussy lips rub all over her breasts and nipples. The sight of the
caramel colored beauty's ass wiggling in her face as she rubbed her
pussy on her nipples was so arousing. Kamesha bent down and began to
grab Marilyn's balls as she nuzzled the semihard dick with her face.
Asia lay on the bed, panting and recovering while watching the whole
erotic thing.

"Yeah baby, rub that pussy on my tits�play with my balls," Marilyn
urged, as she felt her dick quickly rising again. Kamesha turned
around and began to lick Marilyn's tits, tasting her own leaking
juices on her nipples and breasts.

"You're lucky I'm on the pill�," Asia said, "You came inside of me a
little," she said to Marilyn.

"Umm�," Kamesha said looking at her friend splayed out on the bed.
"Let me take care of that for you�" Kamesha clambered off of Marilyn
and rolled over, crawling between Asia's thighs. She looked at the
freshly fucked pussy, pink and throbbing, full fat lips cum stained
with girl and guy cum. Kamesha began to lick and suck at the pussy
lips, licking every bit of cum off. Kamesha sighed, tasting and
smelling the sweet pussy and the mixtures of the cum. She parted the
puffy lips and tasted the core, tongue fucking her friend ever so

'Oh god�," Asia said, throwing her head back and grabbing her tits in
lust. Marilyn watched the whole scene and stroked her dick bringing
it back to life again. "There's nothing like a girl eating another
girl out�" She thought while playing with her own nipples and jerking
her own dick.

"How do I taste Kamesha?" Marilyn said.

Kamesha only looked up to lick her wet cum stained lips. Then she
went down again, eating out her friend's core, fucking her with her
tongue, massaging and soothing the walls which took a major beating
from Marilyn. Then she began to lick her clit, beating the tip with
the underside of her tongue rapidly.

"Oh god�damn�," Asia hissed. "Yeah Meesha�yeah K�do it baby, do it to
me you nasty bitch."

Marilyn's dick grew and thickened as he heard the words come out of
Asia's mouth. She didn't have to wonder if this was a usual thing for
these girls, they looked like they knew each other's bodies well.
Marilyn didn't really expect Asia to be here, but she sure was
glad that she was. That girl knew how to work a cock, besides she was
sexy as hell. She watched her face contort as she humped Kamesha's
face in passion.

Kamesha looked at the little hard pink bud and began to greedily suck
it. She wrapped her lips around it and bobbed up and down on it as if
it were a minidick. Kamesha's eyes rolled up into her head as she
reveled in the taste and the smell. She felt Asia tangle her hands in
her curly hair as she grabbed and pushed Kamesha's head further down
into her pussy. "Eat it bitch�eat it�"

Kamesha sucked on the clit as Asia bucked off of the bed almost
growling in lust. Kamesha quickly thrusted two fingers inside of Asia
as she came. She wanted to feel what her pussy was like as it was
cuming. The tight pussy swallowed and choked her fingers as it
contracted over and over again, drenching her fingers in cum.

Finally Asia began to come down from the high, and Kamesha lifted her
face up and pulled her fingers out of Asia's pussy. She began to lick
the cum and juices off of her fingers. "Umm�"

Asia grabbed her friend and pulled her on top of her, and began to
hug and kiss her passionately. "That was fucking amazing�you two
might be able to wear me out�" Asia smiled.

"Well that's all well and good, but now I want my pussy eaten out�"
Kamesha said thinking about how good the sensation would feel right

"As much as I'd love to oblige, I'd hate to be rude�Go ahead Marilyn,
I don't think you've had a taste yet." Asia smiled at the girl slyly.

"Alright my wannabe gourmet," Marilyn joked to Asia. "Since I take it
you've had a taste, is it any good?"

"Tre manifique! Hehe."

"OK, Ms. Chris Rock," Marilyn continued. "Let's see if you're right."

Marilyn then rolled over Kamesha onto her back across the bed, then
spread her legs slightly. She then stood up on her knees, picked up
one of Kamesha's feet and lifted it to her mouth. She sucked roughly
on each of Kamesha's toes, then sloppily licked and kissed her way
across the bottom of her foot, taking just enough time to gloss it
with her spit, making Kamesha shake along the bed. She took one
sloppy lick along Kamesha's heel before saying to her, "So did you
like that little preview, my dear?"

Kamesha responded by lifting her hand up to Marilyn, trying to pull
her down, and moaned hoarsely, "eat me�fucking eat me NOW!"

"Hehehehehe. No."

Marilyn calmed down with her mouth, gently kissing Kamesha's dainty
ankle. She pressed her flesh against Kamesha's leg, letting her
sensitive tip brush against Kamesha's thigh while she slowly moved
her butterfly kisses down to Kamesha's ankle. She hummed gently in
approval during her kissing while noticing that Asia was lazily
playing with her pussy, enjoying the scene in front of her. Marilyn
then brushed her lips back and forth on Kamesha's calf, ticking her
nerves with her touch. She reached down with her fingers tips,
sweeping along Kamesha's thigh, while she tossed her hair to the side
and started sucking on the skin behind her knee. As she started
kissing and sucking more, she started pressing more into Kamesha's
smooth flesh, digging into it and leaving slight trails in her skin
as she felt her flesh shake. She slid back on her knees and started
the final assault on Kamesha's senses before liking her pussy,
licking and sucking a trail straight down Kamesha's inner thigh. The
closer she got, the harder she licked, inflamed by the juicy sight at
the end. She kept working her lips and her tongue on Kamesha's
inner thigh until she just made right before Kamesha's slick peach.
Then she stopped.

"Are you ready?"

Marilyn punctuated that comment by sliding up and giving a gentle
flick on Kamesha's nipple that made her shake.

"Mmhmm�," moaned out Kamesha in response, wild in lust and desperate
to cum.

Marilyn slid her body against Kamesha, letting her nipples trail down
Kamesha's belly. She acknowledged a nowwildly masturbating Asia with
a wink, then held onto Kamesha's hips and started licking her wildly.
She tried to get up all the wetness that drained onto her sweet lips,
licking it up like a melting ice cream cone. She moved her tongue
deep into the source, then started licking deeply inside Kamesha,
tongue fucking her with her wild motions, feeling Kamesha getting
ready to peak. Then, pressing her tongue to one side of her honey
pot, she roughly dragged her tongue out, pressing it up and rubbing
hard against Kamesha's clit. She then took Kamesha's clit between her
lips and started snaking her tongue along her tip.

It was all it took.

Kamesha shook wildly, so wild that Marilyn was afraid she was having
a seizure. Her eyes shut tightly, and her mouth gaped open soundless.
Her body was shaking wildly, unlike anything she had ever felt in her
life. It felt to her like she was dying. As Marilyn snaked away from
Kamesha's body, gently stroking herself to the sight of the wildly
climaxing Kamesha, Kamesha herself was undergoing one massive string
of orgasms, each driven by the sensation of the last. Slowly, but
surely, she came down from her death, becoming very aware of the
wetness that was flowing beneath her.

"Hmm�it looks like I made Kamesha squirt, huh there Asia?" asked
Marilyn before giving Asia a wet, sloppy kiss. Asia too had just come
down from an orgasm off her own fingers and was thoroughly enjoying
the sight of a stillshaking Kamesha lying there on the bed. Breaking
the kiss, Marilyn asked, "Ever do that before?"

"Well, no�but I guess I gotta do it now for pride's sake," Asia
leered with a smile. Marilyn warmly smiled back, then suddenly
flipped Asia on her belly. She looked wantonly at Asia's ass,
stroking her big dick back to fullness thinking about how it would
look to have her dick up her ass.

"Ooo, that would look so nice�plus the color contrast�"

Marilyn abandoned her trail of thought when she saw Kamesha finally
fully come to after her powerful orgasm. She then slid over on her
knees to Kamesha and pulled her over to Asia's ass.

"Wanna lick her asshole with me? I'm getting her ready to get that
tight ass fucked!"


Kamesha lazily buried her face in between Asia's cheeks and started
moving her slightly extended tongue around Asia's asshole. The
slight, almost accidental stimulation made Asia gently grind her hips
and coo in response. Uncomfortable with the slow pace Kamesha seemed
to be working at, Marilyn pressed her hard dick up against her
stomach, laid down, roughly spread Asia's ass open and started
licking hard, trying to coat as much saliva around Asia's ass as
possible. While Asia arched her back and started moaning out her
approval, Marilyn noticed Asia's brown star slowly opening and
roughly stuck her tongue in, reaming out Asia.

In the process, Kamesha was still meekly licking around Asia,
allowing her cheek to be pressed upon by a more enthusiastic Marilyn.
Not surprisingly, their tongues brushed past each other while they
were attending to a sexual simmering Asia. Rightly after their
tongues brushed past each other again, Marilyn suddenly took the
initiative in brushing her hair to one side and roughly frenching
Kamesha, raping with her tongue Kamesha's compliant body. She roughly
mauled one of Kamesha's breasts with her free hand, then suddenly
pulled away from Kamesha.

She took up on her knees, slowly stroking herself when she asked,
"Kamesha, could you pull up Asia on her knees and stick that fat ass
up for me?" Kamesha lazily complied, grabbing Asia's hips and lifting
up her ass so that her face was buried in the bed and her big, round
booty was in the air. Thoughts of pure lust course through Marilyn's
mind on sight of that ass. She stroked herself a bit faster in
response, thinking to herself, "Ah, the joys of unintended
consequences. Now I'm gonna have a nice cinnamon bun to stick my big
Dick into."

With Kamesha still holding up Asia's ass, Marilyn slid into position
behind Asia, lining up her chocolate bar with Asia's Hershey highway.
She bent over, brushed Asia's hair to one side, then whispered
lustily into her ear, "you thought you were the real freak, huh?
You're about to get the real freaking now."

"Prove it then...," Asia said murmuring into the bed.

Marilyn smiled at the girl's cockiness. She told Kamesha, "Pull apart
those cheeks." Kamesha obliged and parted Asia's ass cheeks. Marilyn
could already see Asia's wet pussy juicing up from the whole

"Take her pussy juice, rub it in her ass..," Marilyn instructed.
Dutifully, Kamesha reached under her friend, while still holding one
cheek apart and rubbed and coaxed Asia's honey from her throbbing
sex. Asia moaned and wiggled her ass on the bed in ecstasy as
Kamesha stuck three fingers at the entrance of her core, slowly
collecting the juice in her hand and on her fingers. Kamesha
unintentionally brushed up against Asia's sensitive lips and Asia bit
her lip and grinded out more wetness. The sensations were almost too
much to her. She wanted to be fucked.

With a squishing sound Kamesha brought her sopping wet hand out of
her friend's hot pussy. Marilyn stroked her big tool up and down as
she watched Kamesha rub the juice into Asia's lovely asshole. The
moistened asshole was waiting to be penetrated. Marilyn gripped her
dick and licked her lips at the wonderful sight.

"Have you ever fucked this way before Asia?"

"No, but I want you to do please...," Asia begged.

"My big dick is gonna stretch your ass..."

"So what...please...just do it." Asia had been so turned on at what
they were doing to her. She felt as if she needed this right now more
than anything.

Kamesha let go of her ass and inched towards Asia's side. She began
to kiss and lick the sensitive skin on her hips and her thighs, then
she reached under Asia and thumbed a hard nipple. She licked her way
all the way up to the side of one of Asia's breasts, and onwards to
the shoulders of her crossed arms where Asia buried her head. "You
want him to fuck that little ass hole?" Kamesha whispered huskily
into her friend's ear, and the warm breath only made Asia sigh into
the covers.

"Yes, I want it." Asia answered.

Kamesha inched back down to Marilyn who was stroking herself slowly,
"Kamesha I want you to feed my dick into her ass...this is her first
time, and I might impale her if I do it," Marilyn said, feeling

Kamesha wrapped a hand around Marilyn's big dick and gripped it hard.
Then she bent down to take the tip in her mouth, slurping and bobbing
up and down on it. Marilyn grunted and moaned, watching the girl try
to swallow as much of her cock as possible. She lifted her head up
and let a trail of saliva drip from her mouth to his throbbing tip.
She jerked the shaft and looked up at Marilyn smiling waiting for

"Damn...go ahead do it...," he ordered Kamesha.

She pulled Asia's cheeks apart while Kamesha grabbed his dick and
placed it on the entrance of Asia's brown star. Asia grunted in
approval. As Kamesha pressed the large tip of Marilyn's cock into her
ass. Marilyn thrust forward in a gentle fashion to help Kamesha work
in the cock. She had to control herself, the feeling and sight of
Kamesha feeding his dick into her friend was so arousing. She kept
telling herself that she would only get Asia use to her size, then
all bets were off.

Marilyn closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the tight ass grip her
tool. Asia gritted her teeth and hissed as she felt the big tip
sliding inside of her. It hurt, but then it felt so good at the same
time. Kamesha gasped as she watched the tip alone stretch her friend.

"Push more of it in Kamesha..," Marilyn nearly gasped.

Kamesha grabbed Marilyn's cock and helped her ease it in deeper. The
contrast of the chocolate and the cappuccino skin tones were so sexy
together, Kamesha felt her pussy tingling again, even after all of
the stimulation she got already. The whole energy of them all
together made her horny as hell. She let go of Marilyn's dick and let
her do all of the work now, she sat back and watched Asia's asshole
stretch. She felt the tightness of Asia's virgin ass and groaned at
how good the tight little hole felt.

Asia lifted her head and screamed as she felt Marilyn bury her thick
and long chocolate log up to the hilt.

"Yeah, freak...I bet you never had it like this...," Marilyn said.
Marilyn grabbed Asia's hips and began to slowly slide herself in and
out of the girl.

"Oh...shit...," Asia said closing her eyes tight and contorting her
face. She felt like her whole body was being ripped in half. There
was intense pain, but at the same time intense pleasure. When he drew
her big cock out of her she felt the friction like it was a burning
sensation, but when he pushed himself back in she felt so much
pleasure. Soon the pain subsided and she just reveled in the feeling
of being filled.

Marilyn watched the juice drip out of Asia along her inner thigh, he
heard her moans and sighs and realized how much she liked it. She
began to thrust harder inside of her, watching her ass giggle
subtlety on each thrust.

"Oh shit...," Asia said, "Fuck me...fuck me..."

Kamesha got behind Marilyn and began to paw at her big luscious
breasts and shapely ass as she fucked her friend.

"So you like want more?" Marilyn asked loving the feeling
of Kamesha on her breasts and ass. Asia answered in a groan, and
begged to be fucked harder. Marilyn began moving faster and deeper,
thrusting in and out of the girl's ass, watching it stretch and
choke her girthly dick.

"God damn, I feel like I'm being ripped in half..," Asia grunted as
Marilyn pumped harder and faster. Asia began to move into Marilyn's
dick as she grabbed the sheets and rolled her eyes up into her head,
she couldn't believe how good this felt.

"Oh yeah...oh shit...yeah...give me that ass..," Marilyn said
slapping Asia's bouncing ass cheeks. The sting of Marilyn's slaps
made Asia's body jump. Juices were running down her leg like crazy.
She sighed and gasped for air, her face pressed against the bed and
her fingers grabbing at the sheets.

Meanwhile Kamesha loved the feeling of Marilyn's soft body against
her. Marilyn felt Kamesha's hard nipples graze against her back as
the girl held on to her body, rubbing herself against her and
reaching under her to play with her balls.

Marilyn pulled herself out until only the tip was inside of her and
then grabbed her hips and rammed her deeply. Asia moaned as her
asshole contracting on her dick. Marilyn was working her like no one
else ever had. She begged over and over again to be fucked harder,
and Marilyn listened, this time pumping in and out of the girl like a

Kamesha decided to lie down and position herself under Marilyn. She
grabbed Marilyn's ass and hips and licked her balls as it moved back
and forth over her head. Her hot wet tongue grazed Marilyn's asshole
as she thrust back and forth over her.

The whole bed shook as Marilyn thrust herself in and out of Asia. Her
balls slapped against her wet pussy and her breasts bounced up and
down as Kamesha licked her ass and balls under her. It was all
Marilyn could stand as she pounded Asia's ass and thrust inside of
the girl. Asia moaned and groaned and leaked all over the bed, she
was gushing and cuming, screaming Marilyn's name over and over again.

Marilyn felt herself about to cum, she slowed down her thrusts and
grabbed Asia's asscheeks. She pulled herself into the girl deeply and
began to grind inside of her. While Marilyn was grinding, Kamesha
took it upon herself to gently lap at her shaved balls, sucking and
pulling at the skin with her lips and tongue. It was all Marilyn
could stand when she finally felt her body tense up in that familiar
fashion. She yelled, "I'm cuming!" As Kamesha gripped her hips
licking and sucking on her balls.

She filled Asia's asshole up with sticky white cum, it drizzled back
out of the girl and all over her ass. Asia moaned and licked her lips
as Marilyn took her final thrusts, releasing the last remnants of her
orgasm in this girl's ass. She began to come down from the high,
and then pulled herself out of the girl, giving her ass one final
swat. Asia collapsed down into the bed, and said, "Damn...that was
fucking amazing..."

Gerald had pulled into his driveway. Oddly he hadn't seen his wife's
car there, and he knew that she was home for a change instead of out
of town on business.

When he got inside of the house he saw a note on the phone that said
she was having dinner with her sister. The sight of a note gave him a
flashback to only a short time ago, when the worst thing that could
ever happen to him involving his daughter occurred.

He had remembered seeing Asia's car parked outside and thought to
himself, "Damn, she's here..." He went upstairs on the way to his
bedroom and heard the moaning sounds of a woman in coming from his
daughter's bedroom. He was surprised that it wasn't Asia's voice or
Kamesha's and he thought, "Damn, she's taking other girls home in my
house? Oh hell no..." Gerald approached the open door and his jaw
dropped at what he had seen. There was this beautiful, curvy, sexy
woman with her huge cock in her daughter's mouth. He recognized the
beautiful woman. It was the temp they had sent down from the agency.

He watched as his daughter milked the cum out of her dick, beating
the tip against her tongue and lathering the shaft with a coat of
spit. Then of course there was Asia, on the bed grabbing her own
nipples and edging her own daughter on.

Marilyn threw back her head and moaned, closing her eyes, when she
opened them she saw her boss standing at the door, open jawed and

"Oh my god!" Gerald said as they made eye contact.

The three girls in the room looked at the man, smiling.

"Hi Mr. Scott."

"What's up Mr. Scott."

"Hey Dad."

Gerald frowned, frustrated at how shameless they all seemed to be. He
couldn't believe what he was seeing. "What the hell?"

"Hey I met your temp. Marilyn...She's a very special girl," Kamesha
said wiping the cum off her lips. Marilyn made moves to straighten up
and get dressed as the two girls sat on the bed naked and smiling.

"What is she?"

"This is the new Millennium Mr. Scott, try not to be so shocked.,"
Asia said teasing her nipples.

"You're having sex" Gerald said, shuddering as he
remembered how he had looked at the luscious young secretary earlier.

"Oh but Dad...who cares if you caught me having know you've
seen just about all of me anyway in every way...," Kamesha smirked.

With that Asia said to Marilyn, "Don't worry he's not gonna really
freak out...not after the things he's done."

"Maybe after this you'll stop looking at me in that way when I'm in
the office," Marilyn smiled putting on her shoes.

"Damn it! You think you can just do whatever you want now!" Gerald
cursed. Kamesha only shrugged. "I didn't know you were gonna be

"It could've easily have been your mother!"

"Come on mom's gonna be gone all night...I knew that...she's probably
her groove on right now, despite what the note read..."

"What? How do you know that?"

"I don't, I'm just fucking with you know mommy
wouldn't lie or cheat. What's up with the insecurities?" Kamesha said
pulling on a tshirt and smirking.

Asia, giddy and zoned out from the orgasmic highs she was getting all
night only giggled and snickered.

Marilyn shook her head, "Your fam is weird...just weird."

Asia giggled again and Gerald blew air out of his mouth, frustrated.

Finally Marilyn was dressed. "See you tomorrow bright and early Mr.
Scott?" she said passing him in the doorway. The realization that he
probably couldn't fire Marilyn dawned on him.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Teacher Sex Sex picture

Teacher Sex Sex picture

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Teacher Sex Sex story

Chapter Eleven: A New Thrall for Steed

Catwoman Marie sashayed down the front walk as briskly as her pawboots would
allow. She opened the rear door of the taxi and stepped inside, a vision of
glossy black latex.

"Lemme guess: Castro street party?" Her taxi driver was a heavyset bearded man
in a large sailor suit.

Marie did not reply, her eyes bulging as the tail, squeezed between her back
and the car seat, inflated sudenly within her. Gathering her composure, she
just smiled and handed him the card with the address on it.

"Hmmm, that's gunna be tough from here what with all the streets closed. I'll
have to take Divis. around to where I can cross Market, is that okay?" Marie
just looked out the window and nodded, irritated that all San Francisco taxi
drivers seem to want to get the rider's opinion on the best route.

The ride was uneventful, if circuitous. Several competing neighborhood costume
parties provided plenty of visual entertainment for Marie, and she was startled
when the taxi pulled into a narrow SoMa alleyway and stopped. She handed the
driver a large bill and left the cab without a word, strutting into a dark
brick archway as her tail flicked behind her.

A young man in a bellhop outfit ushered her into a large cagelike service
lift, swinging the accordion door closed and squeezing the controls to go up.
Marie imagined herself kept in a wire mesh cage, the ferocious wildcat of
Hamburg. She'd be kept on display at the zoo, and people would pay admission to
see her tear gashes in her trainer's uniform.

The lift whined its way up to the top floor, and the young man slid open the
gate to let Marie out again. She stalked down a long hallway and reached a
heavy iron door. Reaching up, she pulled on a wooden handle attached to a chain
dangling from the ceiling. A tinkling bell sounded from the other side of the
door, and a pair of eyes emerged from behind a tiny rectangular slot.

She did her best to smile and look as though she belonged, and the slot slid
shut again. With a clang, the iron door swung inward, leading into a dim
candlelit gathering.

Marie tiptoed on her velveted rubber paws into what appeared to be someone's
loft apartment. All around her, she spotted men and women in various rubber and
leather costumes, each with an identityconcealing mask of some sort.

"Ah, you must be the new thrall. We were told you'd be coming as a cat, but I
must say your costumer has outdone himself!" Marie turned quickly to find the
source of the voice: a tall, slender, filmnoir femme fatale leaned against a
pillar, one knee bent beneath her long red rubber evening gown. Her arms were
clad in operalength red rubber gloves, and between her gummy fingers she
balanced a long cigarette holder. Her black hair hung in a bob, her wide bangs
resting atop a red rubber domino mask that matched the shade of her ruby lips

The lanky woman took a sip of smoke from her cigarette and puffed a perfect
ring into the air between them. "Welcome to the party, little one. Most of the
guests have yet to arrive, but I'm sure they'll all want to meet you. We
haven't had a new thrall at our gatherings in ever so long."

Marie cleared her throat, trying not to appear nervous. "Um, what exactly do
you mean by 'thrall'?"

The lady in red straightened up and creased her lips in an amused smirk, "Oh
yes, they'll definitely want to meet you, little one."

Marie frowned as the woman slinked off toward the bar, thinking that perhaps
she needed a drink herself. She always hated going to parties where she didn't
know anyone. Here it seemed, her reputation preceded her, and she wasn't sure
tht was the best thing.

"Cosmo?" A man in a leather threepiece suit and bowler hat held out a martini
glass filled with a pink fluid. Marie looked up at his black rubber domino
mask, and smiled as she took the drink.

"Thank you, that would be perfect." she sighed, "I'm afraid I'm at a loss. I
don't know anyone here, you see, and..."

"Oh, that's really the point!" the man's green eyes sparkled behind his mask,
"Nobody here knows who anyone else is. Perhaps we're all strangers, or maybe we
met before. We could be reincarnations of lifelong companions or old pets!
Don't worry, my dear, there are plenty of icebreakers planned. A gathering like
this really needs structure, wouldn't you say?"

"Ah, oh..." Marie stammered a bit, sipping her drink, "Yes, yes, I suppose
that's good. Erm, what should I call you then, if we're not supposed to know
who everybody is?"

The man reached up with a menacing looking steel umbrella and pushed the brim
of his hat up a little. "Steed. John Steed. Sorry I couldn't find anything in
pinstripe, but I came in rubber last year."

Marie giggled, remembering her days of watching The Avengers dubbed into
German, always relishing the scenes where Mrs. Peel or Kathy Gale were bound
and tormented by some criminal mastermind.

"Ah, come with me, my dear. The first activity is about to begin." Steed took
her clawed hand in the crook of his shoulder and led her down into the main
floor of the loft. Marie looked around at the crowd and realized that they were
all dressed as heroes and villains from comic books and spy series.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Masters, mistresses, slaves, and thralls! The first
competition is about to begin!" A man dressed as The Joker waved his purple
porkpie hat around for emphasis as he announced the event. Standing behind him
was a girl in a red and black latex Harley Quinn costume, a leash strap running
from her chin down to the Joker's left hand. In her hands she held a small
metal gong and mallet, which she used to punctuate the magician's cries and get
the crowd's attention.

"Since our theme this year is heroes and villains, the first competition is a
classic! This building was once a stockhouse for the Southern Pacific Railroad,
and we've always been meaning to make use of the leftover supplies." He
released the leash and Quinn walked over to a vinyl curtain and pulled it back,
revealing a room covered in winding sections of railroad track. "So pair up and
grab a bundle!"

The crowd murmur rose as couples began to choose and head into the room. Steed
turned to Marie and smiled, gesturing inquisitively. She nodded hesitantly, and
followed him into the track room. As they passed through the curtain, Steed
grabbed a neatlytied bundle of hemp rope, and fussed with it as he spoke.

"I think the best bet is to grab a curved section of track. I have an idea that
ought to have them all kicking themselves!" Steed was like a little boy,
excited with anticipation of the results of his clever idea.

"Oh, um, sure. Er, what exactly are we doing?" Marie scanned the room, and saw
all the women in the party laying across or along the tracks, while the men
unwound the bundles of rope they had picked up earlier.

"A classic scene: the damsel in distress! Bound to the railroad tracks, with
the 10:30 local barreling down the rightofway completely unawares! Now my
dear Catwoman, I realize that you are the villain in our little team, but
tradition demands that you be the one to lay across the rails. Allow me."

Marie furrowed her brow beneath the rubber cowl as she was assisted in laying
down in a Cshaped section of track. He turned out to be quite quick and adept
with the rope, binding her right wrist to the top of the outer rail, and her
left ankle to the bottom. He connected her other arm and knee to the center of
the smaller C of the inner rail in front of her, and connected a line from the
center of the outer rail to provide tension on her waist, pulling her taut.

"If only you could see yourself! The feline rampant, awaiting her doom!" Marie
rolled her eyes as he tugged her into an uncomfortable shape, immobile on the
frame of steel and wood. She was thankful that he had positioned her somewhat
on her side, so that her tail curled behind her.

"So whatoof!" Marie gasped as the waist rope was pulled even tighter against
her corset's cinchpoint, "What exactly is the prize for the best display?"

"It looks to be a bottle of champagne, which I would love to share with a
beautiful woman such as yourself. Now, if you'll excuse me, there are a few
details I must attend to. But don't worry, I'll be back, true to form, to whisk
you away in the nick of time!" He winked playfully and walked away. Leaving
Marie craning her neck to try and see what else was going on. She saw a woman
dressed like Aeon Flux and a man dressed in a Spawn costume going over each
damsel in distress with clipboards and pens.

"Welllll..." hissed a gravely voice behind Marie's head, "It lookss like thiss
evening we have a new thrallll!" Marie turned her head as far as possible, and
saw a short busty girl in a white catsuit and highheeled gogo boots squatting
on the rail behind her. Her yellow eyes had vertical almondshaped pupils like
a cat's, and her face was made up expertly with a snout and whiskers. She
glared down at Marie with envy and contempt.

"Excuse me?" Marie craned her neck, trying to make out the expression on the
white catgirl behind her. "What exactly is a 'thrall'... around here?"

The catgirl extended a white gloved hand, tracing an elongated plastic
fingernail down the pit of Marie's taut right arm. "Mmmm, you are a fresh
little piece of new meat now aren't you?" Her nail ran over the curve of
Marie's breast, tripping over the raised outline of the jeweled nipple ring. "A
fresh little thrall like you must have been awfully naughty to get the
threerings treatment so early in your training!"

Marie went from suspicious to nervous. "What training? Who are you?"

"Here, I'm the favorite!" the catgirl giggled, "And I worked very hard to catch
the attention of Jack Gummi so that I could wear one of his creations tonight.
I didn't spend eight months greasing the wheels just to have some greenhorn
slave blunder into my party with a newer model and steal the spotlight."

Marie looked back over at the judges, who were still working on the other side
of the room, taking notes and sharing jokes with the bound women on the floor
around them. She turned back to the white cat above her.

"I don't know how you got that outfit, girlie, but you have no right! Ah! I
think this is just the accessory I was looking for!" To Marie's horror, the
catgirl reached out her clawed hands and unclasped her utility belt. She pulled
the metal belt from Marie's hips and fastened it around her own, letting it
hang in front of her furry crotch.

"No! Give it back!" Marie cried, horrified. Twisting her neck again, she saw
the judges still busy two rows away, seemingly oblivious to her problems.

"Mmm, yes, that's purrrrfect!" the white catgirl cooed, "But you know what I
love most about Jack's designs?" She picked up marie's black rubber tail, which
was twisting back and forth as Marie struggled against the rails. "It's his
insistance on functionality!"

As she spoke, she twisted Marie's tail between her white clawed hands, wringing
air out of the elaborate rubber tube and pumping up Marie's rear plug with each
squeeze. "Enjoy your Jack Gummi creation, dear. I hope you find pleasure from
the parts I let you keep."

Marie gasped at the sensation of the plug swelling quickly within her, and
screwed up her face beneath her mask. By the time she caught her breath, she
turned over to see a white catsuited girl in a silvery utility belt strut out
through a doorway, her white tail flicking back and forth as she walked.

"Help! Heeeelp! My utility belt!" Marie wailed, aware of her obscene rubber
cunt lips exposed for public view. "Please! Somebody heeeeeelp!"

"My my, this is an interesting twist!" Marie looked up, panting, to see Aeon
Flux and Spawn standing above her, making marks on their clipboards.

"Oh please, you have to help me. She took my belt, and I have to get it back!
Please! She just left through that door behind me! Just get me my belt back!"

Aeon turned to Spawn. "I think she's my favorite so far!"

"Agreed!" The man nodded behind his colorful rubber hood. "I always thought
real supervillains were fools for letting Batman keep his utility belt when
they trapped him. It's a nice twist to have Catwoman's belt taken from her!"

"Full marks for roleplaying!" Aeon cheered as she checked off various things.

The two judges turned away and finished working the room. Marie whimpered and
pleaded, but no one took any notice. After a few minutes, there was a commotion
on the other side of the room, followed by cheers and applause. Marie shifted
as best she could to ease her tired muscles, and was relieved to see various
people untying the victims around her.

"Well my dear, they loved your performance so much, they gave us first place!
Congratulations!" Marie looked up to see Steed down on one knee before her, a
bottle of Krystal in one hand and a pair of champagne flutes in the other.

"Oh, Steed! While you were gone! This other cat girl, she" Marie tried to
explain, but the loud report of the erupting cork startled her into clenching
her sphincter. She winced as the tail shot out straight behind her.

"Here you go, my dear pretty kitty. Drink up! You deserve it!" Marie opened her
eyes to see that Steed held a glass to her red rubber lips, and was pouring it
gently into her mouth. Marie drank thirstily, the bubbles flowing through her
mind and easing her concerns that she seemed to be the only damsel still in

"Well Catwoman, you appear to have made a hit for your first party. They're
saying that you're the new favorite!" Steed sipped from his own glass and
poured another for Marie. Behind him, a rubber spiderman took photographs from
various angles with an expensivelooking camera while a woman in a leather
Captain Hook outfit held a reflecting screen.

"That's what the white catgirl said... the favorite..."

"Mmmm? Who?" Steed mumbled into his glass as he drank.

"I kept trying to explain! This girl in a white costume sort of like mineshe
took my utility belt and ran off through that door behind me! She said she was
the favorite, and that's why she stole it. It has my house key and everything
in it. Please, can't you get it back for me?"

A boyish grin spread across Steed's face. "A quest for the modesty of a
beautiful pussycat maiden? Why, I'd leap at the very opportunity!" At the word
'leap', he sprang to his feet and hopped jauntily through the doorway.

"No! Wait!" Marie craned her neck toward the empty doorway, shaking her limbs
against the ropes. Spiderman took the opportunity to stand over her and take
several closeup photos.

"You forgot to untie me..." Marie sighed as the shutter clicked and whirred
above her.

Next Chapter

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